Special Offer

iPhone Promotion For July 2016

Customers who repair their iPhone with us during the time of this promotion get free tempered glass installed on their screen, a $20 value. “Tempered glass” is an extra layer of glass that is installed over your screen to strengthen your screen and provide extra protection against future damages. This promotion is valid until July 31st, 2016.

iPhone 6 Extra Promotion

In addition to the promotion mentioned above that describes free tempered glass installation for all iPhone screen repairs, iPhone 6 screen repairs come with an additional item. The additional item that iPhone 6 screen repairs include is an Air Case. Air Cases are sleek, slim, and elegant cases that perfectly fit your phone while simultaneously maintaining the thinnest of your phone. Air Cases are a $20 value. In total, you will receive $40 worth of accessories with every iPhone 6 screen repair that help minimize future damages of your phone. This promotion concludes on July 31st, 2016.

Computer Repair Promotion

Customers who invest over $100 in services for their computer qualify for a free computer tuneup. In a tune-up, your computer will be physically cleaned internally. In addition to the physical cleanness of components, your computer will have unnecessary programs uninstalled that slow your computer to quicken your computer’s performance. The tuneup also includes checking for the newest system updates and installing newest versions to keep your computer up to date.