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Computer Repair


Computer Repair Importance.

Computers store our secrets, replay our memories, and unify us with friends and family. If we hypothetically traveled hundreds of years into the past and took a computer, divinity will become our local description. Wizards from that era of time will stand in awe as they witness the features of our modern computers. Even a magical wand can crack from time to time and require maintenance.


Computer Repairs Price List

1) Virus Removal: your computer can breath again. -$69
2) Data Recovery: recover family photos or important files from bad device. -quote
3) Data Transfer: transfer all data into new computer, USB, or hard drive. -$59
4) Data Backup: schedule your computer to routinely backup it’s own data. -$59+
5) Hardware Upgrades: install faster parts in your computer. -$69 labor
6) OS Restore: Reset your computer to start fresh like new. -$69
7) Software Upgrades: Upgrade your operating system/drivers to newest versions. $69
8) Software Install: Bring your CD’s and we will install the programs for you. -$39


Computer Repair – Virus Removal Details

Viruses can replicate themselves in our computers and demolish all of our valuable information. In addition to demolishing all of our valuable information, viruses can send your files and data to unknown recipients, secretly. To counter the danger of file deletion, undetected file distribution, or spyware, we offer a virus removal service. In our virus removal service, not only do we remove all threats to your computer, we install protection for your computer after the procedure. Several technicians expect and intend to see you again for money. On the contrary, we provide protection against viruses after the virus removal procedure that you can run weekly to maintain the health of your computer. The duration for virus removal procedures is 2-3 business days. Call or visit for estimate.


Computer Repair – Data Recovery

Computers can fall unexpectedly and drag our valuable memories and documents down with them. Files such as family photos and important documents are too valuable to be lost. In data recovery, we analyze your malfunctioning computer and recover the files from your hard drive to save them onto a separate storage source safely. The Data Recovery procedure price is determined by the damage severity and the separate storage device that you would like to purchase for your files to transfer to. If you would like to place an order for a specific storage device that we do not have, the order will arrive within 5 business days and the extra time should be considered in your anticipation. In rare cases, a computer is unmanageably damaged and the files may be unable to be recovered. The duration for Data Recovery procedures is  3-7 business days. Call or visit for estimate.


Computer Repair – Data Backup Details

As I imagine, I remember memorable cases of clients losing files as a result of theft, physical damage, and accidental deletion. As a prevention for losing files from theft, physical damage, or deletion, system backups maintain a copy of all your files on a separate device and routinely backs up your newest files. In our Backup service, we arrange an automatic backup schedule for your computer, and the chances of losing files minimizes due to constant backups. The price for the Backup service is determined by the cost of the storage device selected for the backups and the integration of the device. Storage devices vary in prices depending on capacity, brand, and form factor. Most storage devices are hard drives that plug to your computer through ordinary USB. The storage device will keep all of your previous backups. Call or visit for estimate.


Computer Repair – Data Transfer Details

Data can be transferred from one computer to another. Data can be transferred from a computer to an external storage device like a USB or hard drive. Data can also be transferred from a phone to an external storage device. Data is often transferred when a person purchases a new computer and intends to have their new computer prepared like their old computer with all of their files. The difference between data transfers and “data recovery” is a fully functional computer. Data recovery involves damaged devices and requires a different approach to extract the data and transfer the data onto another storage source. Data transfers mentioned here involve fully operational devices. Call or visit for estimate.


Computer Repair – Hardware Upgrade details

Occasionally, hardware becomes obsolete and upgrades become a necessity to maintain the performance of a computer. In these days, having a hard drive with 100GB or RAM of 2GB is no longer enough to maximize a computer’s potential. If you would like to upgrade your computer’s hardware, we can recommend, order, and install hardware for your computer to maximize the computer for your needs. The price of hardware upgrades is dependent on the price of the hardware you select and the hardware instillation. Orders for hardware require 5 business days to arrive and an additional business day is required for installation. Typically, the duration for Hardware Upgrades is 5-7 business days. Call or visit for estimate.


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